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Mass Subsidy for Mass Transit [06.23.07]

Mass Subsidy for Mass TransitGov. Ed Rendell’s proposed 1,000% tax increase on the oil industry (which, of course, will eventually be paid by the Average Joe at the pump) is intended to further subsidize PA’s mass transit systems–particularly those in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. These systems lurch from financial crisis to financial crisis, and it’s the state taxpayers who are regularly forced to bail them out. Could there be a better way?

Matt spoke with some experts about how Pennsylvania might reduce the ever-increasing subsidies to mass transit. Former Colorado Governor Bill Owens talked about how his state and the City of Denver got its systems on better financial and operational footing. Ron Hartman, a former manager of Maryland’s Mass Transit Administration, discussed the benefits of public-private partnerships. Geoff Segal of the Reason Foundation gave a global perspective on the issue, and Dr. Jake Haulk of the Allegheny Institute discussed Pittsburgh’s mass transit mess.

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